Friday, October 24, 2008

The answers to yesterday's quiz

Hope you all enjoyed trying to figure these out! Our band-name-abbreviations quiz inspired a few comments (thanks!), so it seems like some folks did have fun with it.

For those of you who haven't taken the quiz yet, and still want to try, we're going to put the answers in the comments section, below. So you can still go try the quiz (to be found in a previous blog post from yesterday) without having accidentally glimpsed any of the answers yet.

Since yesterday, we also thought of a bunch more band initials we could have used, there's so many more... Ferinstance: VU, VBS, ZP, ZG, ANP, COF, JSBX, TGOS, BIN!, and of course WITTR.


aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

Herewith the answers:

1. BCM = Birchville Cat Motel
2. OTC = Olivia Tremor Control
3. SCG = Sun City Girls
4. BOC (or BoC) = Boards Of Canada, and/or Blue Oyster Cult! two equally acceptable answers.
5. FFB = Fear Falls Burning
6. DSO = Deathspell Omega
7. TITD = Today Is The Day
8. BBA = Black Boned Angel
9. BOTD = Bible Of The Devil
10. 6FS = Six Finger Satellite
11. RFTC = Rocket From The Crypt
12. DRC = Dead Raven Choir
13. NNCK = No Neck Blues Band (why not NNBB? they prefer NNCK.)
14. BBML = Brightblack Morning Light
15. BMSR = Black Moth Super Rainbow
16. KTAOABC = Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat
17. MITB = Man Is The Bastard
18. DCD = Dead Can Dance
19. NMH = Neutral Milk Hotel
20. FTB = Flower Travellin' Band
21. BSBC = Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
22. AMT = Acid Mothers Temple
23. HGP = Hi-God People
24. SRB = Sir Richard Bishop
25. EITS = Explosions In The Sky
26. CFTPA = Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
27. DRS = Dead Reptile Shrine
28. GBV = Guided By Voices
29. MBV = My Bloody Valentine
30. DCFC = Death Cab For Cutie
31. FSA = Flying Saucer Attack
32. 3MP = Three Mile Pilot
33. GSYBE = Godspeed You Black Emperor
34. SRS = Steven R. Smith
35. YLT = Yo La Tengo
36. FOB = Fall Out Boy
37. SBHOTM = Sunburned Hand Of The Man
38. ATHOTW = At The Head Of The Woods
39. BTC = Black To Comm
40. BPB = Bonnie Prince Billy
41. VDGG = Van Der Graaf Generator
42. TFUL282 = Thinking Fellers Union 282
43. W&C = Windy & Carl
44. B&S = Belle & Sebastian
45. IAS = I Am Spoonbender, and/or I Am Seamonster (another twofer)
46. AMF = A Minor Forest
47. SBOTHI = Swimming Behaviour Of The Human Infant (Jim suggested this one, nobody else here got it)
48. WCPAEB = West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
49. DMBQ = Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet
50. MGR = Mustard Gas and Roses

The last two, DMBQ and MGR, were kind of trick questions. Japan's DMBQ used to be called Dynamite Masters Blues Quartet, but at some point along the way, they simply changed their name to DMBQ, initials only. And while MGR (a solo project from one of the Isis dudes) does stand for Mustard Gas and Roses, the band's name is simply MGR, as far as we know.

Jona said...

deathspell omega is a way more awesome dso than what i guessed...

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

Minor correction: what I meant to type for #42 was Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.


i got half of them. that is so shameful.

blinks said...

i got 46, i'm also shamed
probably should pick up a sport
or something