Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pop quiz time

Often in our reviews, to avoid wearisome typing, we'll use initials in place of lengthy band names. Of course, we would (or should) only use the abbreviation after mentioning the full band name at least once. Like, for example, if we were writing a review of an album by one of Allan's favorite bands, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we might begin to refer to them as RHCP part way through the review. Sometimes the abbreviated version is in common use among fans of the band, sometimes it's just us.

Another example would be NWW = Nurse With Wound. Or, ADII = Amon Duul II.

Got it? Ok. Here's a whole bunch more to figure out (in no particular order). Some are probably pretty easy, some really, really tough. Let's just say, that while several AQ staffers aced this quiz, some other folks here could have done better. A lot better.

I think everyone got NWW, but HGP stumped almost everybody... And there's two (maybe three) special unfair tricky ones included below too.

Ready? Grab your number 2 pencils and see if you can guess who these bands/artists are:

1. BCM
2. OTC
3. SCG
4. BOC
5. FFB
6. DSO
8. BBA
10. 6FS
11. RFTC
12. DRC
13. NNCK
14. BBML
15. BMSR
17. MITB
18. DCD
19. NMH
20. FTB
21. BSBC
22. AMT
23. HGP
24. SRB
25. EITS
27. DRS
28. GBV
29. MBV
30. DCFC
31. FSA
32. 3MP
34. SRS
35. YLT
36. FOB
39. BTC
40. BPB
41. VDGG
42. TFUL282
43. W&C
44. B&S
45. IAS
46. AMF
49. DMBQ
50. MGR

We'll post the answers on the blog tomorrow. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Too easy cause you can search for the abbreviations on your site.

Crystal said...

Here is what I got without looking online/at my itunes:

4. Boards of Canada
18. Dead Can Dance
28. Guided By Voices
29. My Bloody Valentine
30. Death Cab for Cutie
35. Yo La Tengo
36. Fall out Boy
44. Belle & Sebastian

dave-tx said...

Wow, some of these are TOUGH. Fun quiz though, this'll help me kill time at work.

iwokeinrelief said...

Arggh. I'm stuck on two of them. I really should be working...

Anonymous said...

checking the website? what fun is that?!

iwokeinrelief said...

...none whatsoever - its much more fun to stare at the list for hours until your brain starts to hurt. 1 more...

Sunshine said...

What about the best band ever, FM? said...

I am surprised you didn't throw WITTR in there

Jona said...

without looking, swearsies:
1. Birchville Cat Motel
2. Olivia Tremor Control
3. Sun City Girls
4. Boards of Canada
5. Fear Falls Burning
6. Dark Star Orchestra (probably not...)
7. Today is the Day
8. Black Boned Angel
9. BOTD (no idea)
10. 6 Finger Satellite
11. Rocket From the Crypt
12. Dead Raven Choir
13. NNCK (no idea)
14. Brightblack Morning Light
15. Black Moth Super Rainbow
16. Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat
17. Man is the Bastard
18. Dead Can Dance
19. Neutral Milk Hotel
20. Flower Travelin' Band
21. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
22. Acid Mothers Temple
23. HGP (no idea)
24. Sir Richard Bishop
25. Explosions in the Sky
26. Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
27. DRS (no idea)
28. Guided by Voices
29. My Bloody Valentine
30. Death Cab for Cutie
31. Flying Saucer Attack
32. 3 Mile Pilot
33. Godspeed You Black Emperor
34. Stephen R Smith
35. Yo La Tengo
36. Fall Out Boy
37. Sunburned Hand of the Man
38. ATHOTW (no idea)
39. Black to Comm
40. Bonnie Prince Billy
41. Van Der Graff Generator
42. Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
43. Windy & Carl
44. Belle & Sebastian
45. I Am Spoonbender
46. A Minor Forest (shameless self promotion!)
47. SBOTHI (no idea)
48. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
49. DMBQ (trick question!)
50. MGR (another trick question?)

pretty good no? do i get a prize?

Nate said...

I think I know 10 of 'em, hah.

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

Jona: that IS pretty good! We'll post all the answers momentarily, so you can see what the few were you missed (and no, we were thinking of a different DSO). Sorry there's no prize...

Sunshine: hmmm. FM? You might mean Fu Manchu, or Field Mice, or Funeral Mist, or Fresh Maggots... but I bet you are referring to Fleetwood Mac. Am I right?

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

Oh, and yeah, WITTR would have been good. We're saving that for the sequel...