Friday, July 31, 2009

New Arrivals #324

Please go read about 'em here.

Records O' The Week:

Billy Bao "May 08" (Parts Unknown) lp $12.98
Brainbombs meets Fela meets Whitehouse! Sound too good to be true? IT IS!!! Too good to be true AND totally true!!! Heavy and twisted and far out. (Vinyl-only, sorry cd folks).
Cold Cave "Love Comes Close" (Heartworm) cd/lp $13.98/$14.98
Latest chunk of modern cold wave from these long time faves, more poppy and polished than past release, but somehow that only made it better!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Black Metal Movie at The Roxie

Our pal Aaron (from the band Iran) is the co-director of the grim, cold, Norwegian black metal documentary Until The Light Takes Us that recently showed at the Yerba Buena Center For The Arts. He just called to let us know that since those screenings did so well (completely sold out, all 5 of 'em!), it has been arranged for the film to play for a week at the Roxie Theater here in the Mission! That's starting this Friday, July 31st every day at 9:10pm through Thursday, August 6th, with Saturday and Sunday matinees as well at 4:40pm. The Roxie is at 3117 16th Street, near Valencia. More details here.

So, if you missed it at Yerba Buena, you've got another chance to see it. Or go see it again. We definitely recommend it, it's certainly interesting... and a bit funny... and quite disturbing. Those already well versed in the whole Lords Of Chaos saga of church burning and murder will be fascinated by the jailhouse interviews with Varg Vikernes from Burzum, in particular (who is to be played by Twilight's Jackson Rathbone in the upcoming fictionalized Hollywood adaptation of the LoC book!). Newbies might be a bit puzzled at certain points, but doubtless intrigued as well. And Fenriz of Darkthrone, who also gets a lot of screen time, is quite entertaining, regardless of how familiar you may be with his music. We also like how arty the film is, in fact, there's probably just as much ambient electronica on the soundtrack as actual black metal, and there's plenty of gorgeous grim Norwegian scenery to look at too.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Was anybody else here for this?

Apparently this English singer-songwriter fella Pop Levi (also of Super Numeri) visited our shop not long ago, and this film is the result. Kinda cool, really! Even though nobody here seems to know about Mr. Levi doing an "instore" (we have yet to figure out who was working that night!).

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Arrivals #323

It's here.

Records Of The Week:
Shit And Shine "229-2299 Girls Against Shit!" (Riot Season) cd $16.98
Latest disc from this multiple bass-ed and multiple drummed UK collective, easily their best yet, heaviest, most tripped out, psychedelic and heavy. Butthole Surfers, Rusted Shut, Brainbombs, Geronimo, all tangled up into a series of hyper rhythmic, ultra hypnotic, weirdo drumnoise jams.
Legion Of Two "Riffs" (Planet Mu) cd $14.98
A dark, heavy, droning, electronic record (sort of), with crushing live drums, buzzing synths, all manner of electronic squiggle and hazy ambience, all woven into one of the most original records we've heard in ages, imagine Neurosis doing dubstep, or some ambient doom band dabbling in electronica, or a heavier, more modern and avant Tortoise!

Sunday Streets 7/19

FYI, locals, if you come down to AQ this Sunday, from 10am-2pm you'll find our part of Valencia Street to be a temporary pedestrian paradise, no cars allowed. Should be nice for a sunny Sunday stroll!

They did this a month or so ago too and it sorta took us by surprise, you'd think local merchants would be informed about a street closure but somehow we didn't get the memo! It was cool though, several blocks of Valencia Street, including ours, shut down to cars. Lots of people wandering about, enjoying the freedom.

Look here for a map of the blocks where this is happening in the Mission this Sunday, with info on some of the special activities planned around it, dance classes at the 24th St. BART plaza, rollerskating, stuff for kids, etc.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Andee got glasses

He also shaved... "a whole dog's worth of hair" from his beard. It's a whole new Andee. But the glasses are only for night driving, going to the movies and plays and stuff like that.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And if you're in a metal mood tonite

At the Eagle Tavern (the BEST place in SF to see a rock show, we think!), tonight, July 9th:

Slough Feg
(recent AQ Record Of The Week honorees!)
Futur Skullz
(new thrash band of former Fucking Champs/Weakling/Makes Nice guitarist Josh Smith!)
Leather Feather
(great name... dunno anything else about 'em)

We don't have any tickets to give away, but if you're a metalhead, you won't be sorry paying to get in. It's probably not that expensive anyway.

Also, on Saturday

Another cool show this weekend! And aQuarius is "presenting" it!

At the Bottom Of The Hill (1233 17th Street), Saturday July 11th:

Wooden Shjips (on at 10:30pm)
Jonas Reinhardt (on at 9:30pm)

10pm (doors 8:30)
$10 - advance and day of show

and we have 2 pairs of tickets to give away!
just email with the subject ONEIDA TIX for a chance to win 'em.
include your full name (first and last), ok?

FYI, this is Oneida's "Rated O" record release party - one of the only US shows Oneida are performing surrounding the release of this triple album colossus. In fact - it's one of just 6!

For any LA followers of aQuarius happenings Oneida are also playing a matinee show at the Echo on Sunday July 12 with Clipd Beaks and Amps for Christ. Doors are at 2pm - sets at 3pm - Beaks, 4pm - Amps and 5pm - Oneida.

Some press:

"Oneida may well be evil geniuses in the midst of creating a classic, multi-album masterwork" - MOJO ****

"This is guaranteed to reduce your grey matter to a lumpy guacamole!" 9/10 - Montreal Mirror

"Another crowning achievement from a band who sees its ideas all the way through, no matter how wayward or ambitious they may be" - UNDER THE RADAR

"A testament to Oneida's inexhaustible creativity" - EYE WEEKLY

"This second installment in the Brooklynites’ Thank Your Parents trilogy is nothing short of a jaw-dropping, drool-inducing exercise in epic art rock insanity." - Exclaim

And we really like it too (just haven't written a review yet, you'll see it on next week's New Arrivals list).

Monday, July 6, 2009

Upset The Rhythm showcase in SF

Thought we should mention this:

UK label and show promoters Upset the Rhythm make their triumphant arrival in San Francisco, from where many of their flagship artists hail...

Upset the Rhythm and Club Sandwich present:

Foot Village
Lucky Dragons
Death Sentence: PANDA!
Former Ghosts
The Urxed (Rob Barber from High Places)

July 12th at The Lab
all ages
co-presented by KFJC 89.7 FM

Not all gone... not quite

Again, if you follow our Twitter feed, you know those noisy Sacramento garage punks the Mayyors were kind enough to snag us another 15 copies of their new, already-out-of-print, self-released, dirt-covered, "Deads" 12" ep. They showed up in the mail today, already we're down to 10, so just another heads up 'cause Andee's not here today to Tweet about it. Act fast!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phoenix ticket refunds

This post is for folks who bought tickets to last Saturday's Spectrumfest that was supposed to feature a live performance from Phoenix... which didn't happen, bummer. We sold tickets, but we're not handling refunds, however, fyi here's the official fine print info regarding what do about it if you need a refund:

From all of us at Spectrum Festival: thank you for your patience and good humor as we dealt with the unexpected news of Phoenix’s day-of-show illness-induced cancellation on Saturday. We got the news with no time to find a replacement, or even to arrange a make-up date with the band. Furthermore, we knew that many of you were planning to attend the festival regardless of the fate of one of the many acts. In these tough circumstances, we elected to NOT cancel the event, and provide you with a great show anyway. Thanks to the many fine artists who performed on Saturday, this goal was achieved.

Many of you want to know what arrangements are being made regarding Phoenix’s cancellation, and any refund, or compensation instructions. Here are the facts:

The fact that Phoenix had cancelled was clearly posted at the entrance and representatives of the festival made sure to brief all entrants on the things which you are about to hear, but to be clear...

1: IF YOU DID NOT ENTER THE BUILDING: Your ticket will be refunded. You have 2 weeks to process your refund with your unused ticket(s).
• If you purchased through TICKETMASTER via the internet or phone : Contact Ticketmaster at 1‐800‐653‐8000

• If you purchased through a TICKETMASTER outlet please return to that outlet.
• If you purchased through The Warfield Box Office please return to The Warfield Box Office during the hours listed below.
• If you purchased in an authorized consignment location (ie Distractions, Aquarius or Skills): Refunds will be available at the Warfield Box Office DURING THE FOLLOWING HOURS:
Thursday July 2nd from 5PM – 9PM (During the Yes/ Asia Box Office times)
Sunday July 5th from 10AM – 4PM
Sunday, July 12th from 10AM-4PM
Please do not go to Distractions, Aquarius or Skills as they are unequipped to deal with mass refunds.
• If you DID enter the building, you will not be eligible for a refund (see below).

2: IF YOU DID ENTER THE BUILDING: As we mentioned at doors, those of you who entered had their tickets scanned will not be available for refund but your good spirit and positivity will be rewarded. We are trying to arrange partial compensation at a future Phoenix performance. At present, the details are not settled (as several parties in far-flung countries need to agree). Please be patient as we work on how best to reward you for your loyalty and energy. In the meantime...
• Everyone: Please hold onto your ticket or stub, and don’t delete any confirmation email you may have received (print out for safe-keeping if necessary).
• Online buyers: Stay tuned for an email regarding more information as it becomes available. Make sure that Ticketmaster is not blocked by your junkmail screening.
• In-Store buyers: Please check the following websites for information,,, You can also sign up for email updates at any of these sites to be sure to get an email as the information becomes available.

All gone

Sorry, if you've been getting Andee's tweets you know we had that new, limited edition dirt-covered Mayyors 12" for about 12 seconds. Sold out of 'em, all gone... barring a minor miracle, in which case we'll let you all know about it.

Finding out about fast-selling ltd. items like that is a good reason to sign up for our Twitter feed... also you'll also hear a lot about what Andee's listening to right now and where he just ate dinner too... check it out on the right side of this page, above our blogroll.

Speaking of stuff in stock that will go fast - we just finally got the long-rumored Bohren & Der Club Of Gore "Mitleid Lady" cdep on the limited ed. Latitudes label!!!