Friday, July 17, 2009

New Arrivals #323

It's here.

Records Of The Week:
Shit And Shine "229-2299 Girls Against Shit!" (Riot Season) cd $16.98
Latest disc from this multiple bass-ed and multiple drummed UK collective, easily their best yet, heaviest, most tripped out, psychedelic and heavy. Butthole Surfers, Rusted Shut, Brainbombs, Geronimo, all tangled up into a series of hyper rhythmic, ultra hypnotic, weirdo drumnoise jams.
Legion Of Two "Riffs" (Planet Mu) cd $14.98
A dark, heavy, droning, electronic record (sort of), with crushing live drums, buzzing synths, all manner of electronic squiggle and hazy ambience, all woven into one of the most original records we've heard in ages, imagine Neurosis doing dubstep, or some ambient doom band dabbling in electronica, or a heavier, more modern and avant Tortoise!

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