Friday, July 31, 2009

New Arrivals #324

Please go read about 'em here.

Records O' The Week:

Billy Bao "May 08" (Parts Unknown) lp $12.98
Brainbombs meets Fela meets Whitehouse! Sound too good to be true? IT IS!!! Too good to be true AND totally true!!! Heavy and twisted and far out. (Vinyl-only, sorry cd folks).
Cold Cave "Love Comes Close" (Heartworm) cd/lp $13.98/$14.98
Latest chunk of modern cold wave from these long time faves, more poppy and polished than past release, but somehow that only made it better!


Dave said...

Bubble Puppy "A Gathering of Promises".... Greatest band name ever, but oh my god, WORST album cover ever! Seriously, even by 60's standards, WTF?

Anonymous said...

Really? You don't think those guys look cool?

Anonymous said...

Billy Bao rool! Have you heard their earlier stuff? The Afterburn label from here in Australia has re-issued most of it on 'Sacrilege', check:

and indeed they will be your new favourite band!

xoxobra said...

Thanks for the heads up on Lisa O Piu. Great stuff (sorry I didn't order it from you guys. I'm moving, so I'm in the process of purging. I bought the mp3's from Subliminal Sounds).

One thing I've always wondered, though: where do you guys find out about all of the esoteric stuff you feature? Not like the stuff on Subliminal Sounds (since they're somewhat known), but like the really really rare shit. I find out about it from you, but I'm curious to know where you find out about it.

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

Thanks for the tip re: Billy Bao cd. Dunno why we didn't know about that, turns out we can get it pretty easily (got some in today!) and will have it for sale on our next list.

As for how we find out out about all the weird cool stuff we sell, well e could tell you, but then we'd have to kill you.