Monday, September 27, 2010

New Arrivals #355

Such a nice sunny weekend here in SF, almost forgot to blog about the new list we sent out on Friday!

It's got five (5) Records Of The Week on it too, wow:

PHILIP JECK "An Ark For The Listener" (Touch) cd $15.98
Latest disc of otherworldly ambience, from one of our all time favorites, a series of hazy and gauzy record player driven dreamscapes, woven from hushed drifts of blurred sound, buried melodies, and murky textures and muddied rhythmic swells, as always so fantastically breathtaking.
GROUP INERANE "Guitars From Agadez Vol. 3" (Sublime Frequencies) lp $25.00
Latest from the Sublime Frequencies label, another fantastic record of buzzing cyclical hypnotic African Tureg Guitar music from these legends, the third in the Guitars From Agadez series, super limited and vinyl only.
BRUTAL TRUTH "Need To Control (Redux)" (Earache) cd $14.98
Perhaps one of the greatest grind records ever, hell, maybe one of the best metal records ever, industrial doom thud collides with whirling psych grind madness collides with abstract noise, catchy and heavy and WAY weird, finally reissued on Earache with bonus tracks, including a Celtic Frost and Pink Floyd (!) cover!!!!
BASTARD NOISE "A Culture Of Monsters" (Deep Six) cd/lp $10.98/$12.98
The one time members of powerviolence legends Man Is The Bastard, finally fully drag their newer, more abstract, electronic noise outfit kicking and screaming into the knuckle dragging fray of old school blast and pummel, for some serious noisy mathy heaviness!!
SUN CITY GIRLS "Funeral Mariachi" (Abduction) lp $25.00
The final record from these weird genius sonic mystics, the last to be recorded before the untimely death of their drummer, an expansive, soundtracky epic, rife with Morricone influences. Introspective, haunting, and at times quite beautiful.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Instore upcoming: Black Valleys

We were all excited to announce that our fave East Coast space rock psych lords, White Hills, were gonna be doing an instore here at AQ real soon, on October 1st to be precise, the same day they'll be playing in SF at the Rickshaw Stop. Unfortunately, they had to cancel. But, never fear! They've hooked us up with some friends of theirs, a mysterious band of synthy dronesters called Black Valleys, who can do the instore. We're assured that all White Hills fans will totally dig Black Valleys too... So come on by, that's Friday, October 1st at 4pm, to check out the first ever Black Valleys performance!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Arrivals #354.5

Our latest "in-between list" list is all about some of our Favorite Found Sounds and Field Recordings. Subjects include: frogs, loons, cow bells, cats, kittens, angry drunks, melting ice, and more! Check it out.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


So maybe you already know about this, but apparently tomorrow is something called international PARK(ing) Day, our friend Daryll just told us about it. The idea being that folks are supposed to "transform metered parking spots into temporary parks", partly for fun, partly to raise awareness of environmental concerns. Our friend has a supply of sod, apparently, and plans to come by in the morning tomorrow and create a little urban oasis in one of the parking spots in front of our store. Which inspired Andee to plan on bringing his BBQ grill (is that good for the environment?). So if you're in the Mission on Friday and stop by AQ, you can maybe get Andee to cook you a hot dog or something!

Also don't forget, Saturday we're hosting the KFJC Penny Pitch, see earlier blog post below for details.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perhacs & Phelps

Wow. We're all pretty excited about this. We're not that familiar with Jeff Phelps, but we dig Nite Jewel and The Samps... and boy do we love acid folk chanteuse Linda Perhacs (and her wonderful 1970 album "Parallelograms"), pretty incredible that this is gonna be her 2nd live performance ever... We may have some tickets to give away for the Perhacs show, we'll keep you posted...

Human Ear Presents: Linda Perhacs and Jeff Phelps @ San Francisco Art Institute

Human Ear presents two legendary artists,
October 2nd and October 9th, 2010
at San Francisco Art Institute

October 2nd: Jeff Phelps, Nite Jewel, The Samps
Starting with 1985's sought-after, self-recorded, "Magnetic Eyes" LP, Jeff Phelps has crafted 25 years of idiosyncratic, original soul. Phelps lovers Nite Jewel and The Samps open, then join in as part of Phelp's backing band.

October 9th: Linda Perhacs, Julia Holter, CLoudS
Her 1970 masterpiece "Parallelograms" has influenced a generation of alternative musicians. She now joins us in San Francisco to perform new material. Opening are Perhacs collaborator Julia Holter, and Human Ear SF's Jean Yaste and Jason Grier as CLoudS.

SFAI Lecture Hall • 800 Chestnut Street • San Francisco, CA 94133
ALL AGES • $17 • 7pm Sharp! (Doors at 6:30)
All tickets are will call and may be purchased at tickets

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Arrivals #354

Delve into the whole thing here.

Records Of The Week:

CLOUDLAND CANYON Fin Eaves (Holy Mountain) cd $13.98
After years of channeling noise drenched krautrock drift, these aQ faves embrace their love of pop and whip up an otherworldly noise drenched lysergic dream pop classic, fuzzed out and deliriously droney!!
GERMAN OAK s/t (Flash Back) lp $24.00
This legendary krautrock classic, and ALL TIME AQ favorite gets reissued on vinyl, after being out of print for way too long. Heavy and weird and dark and damaged, hypnotic and bizarre, spaced out and rhythmic, incredible!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

KFJC live from AQ

Hey it's that time of year again, time for the KFJC Penny Pitch, a fundraiser for one of our absolute favoritest non-commercial radio stations! We've hosted this event a couple of times before and it's always been super fun and festive. So please come by on Saturday, September 18th (or tune in on the radio or online!), there'll be a tent set up on the sidewalk outside of AQ with a whole bunch of KFJC's DJs broadcasting live all afternoon, from one o'clock to six o'clock pm. Not only can you do some shopping here, but you can donate some change to support KFJC.

Plus there'll be the usual snacks and beverages and stuff... and maybe one or more of the AQ staff will get to spin some tunes on the radio too.

Here's the schedule for the live KFJC DJs:
1pm C.H. Skewer
2pm Cynthia Lombard
3pm Maybelline
4pm Belladonna
5pm Captain Jack

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Arrivals #353.5

Tonight's the last night of the On Land Festival here in SF, and it's been awesome thus far (including the On Land related instore at AQ earlier this afternoon). You can read about some releases from the participating artists on the On Land themed in-between list list we sent out Friday, which also includes a separate section of new stuff like the latest batch of Mississippi titles.