Monday, September 27, 2010

New Arrivals #355

Such a nice sunny weekend here in SF, almost forgot to blog about the new list we sent out on Friday!

It's got five (5) Records Of The Week on it too, wow:

PHILIP JECK "An Ark For The Listener" (Touch) cd $15.98
Latest disc of otherworldly ambience, from one of our all time favorites, a series of hazy and gauzy record player driven dreamscapes, woven from hushed drifts of blurred sound, buried melodies, and murky textures and muddied rhythmic swells, as always so fantastically breathtaking.
GROUP INERANE "Guitars From Agadez Vol. 3" (Sublime Frequencies) lp $25.00
Latest from the Sublime Frequencies label, another fantastic record of buzzing cyclical hypnotic African Tureg Guitar music from these legends, the third in the Guitars From Agadez series, super limited and vinyl only.
BRUTAL TRUTH "Need To Control (Redux)" (Earache) cd $14.98
Perhaps one of the greatest grind records ever, hell, maybe one of the best metal records ever, industrial doom thud collides with whirling psych grind madness collides with abstract noise, catchy and heavy and WAY weird, finally reissued on Earache with bonus tracks, including a Celtic Frost and Pink Floyd (!) cover!!!!
BASTARD NOISE "A Culture Of Monsters" (Deep Six) cd/lp $10.98/$12.98
The one time members of powerviolence legends Man Is The Bastard, finally fully drag their newer, more abstract, electronic noise outfit kicking and screaming into the knuckle dragging fray of old school blast and pummel, for some serious noisy mathy heaviness!!
SUN CITY GIRLS "Funeral Mariachi" (Abduction) lp $25.00
The final record from these weird genius sonic mystics, the last to be recorded before the untimely death of their drummer, an expansive, soundtracky epic, rife with Morricone influences. Introspective, haunting, and at times quite beautiful.

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