Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lichens instore

Don't forget, Robert A.A. Lowe aka Lichens will be performing at the shop tomorrow, Wednesday December 15th at 6pm!!!!!

Here's what we wrote about Lichens' debut on Kranky/Holy Mountain:

Robert Lowe, of the now defunct 90 Day Men, as well as part time member of TV On The Radio, delivers his first solo record, using the name Lichens, and creates a ghostly otherworld, using primarily his voice. That's right. An acapella record. Well, mostly. Lowe's haunting impressionistic vocals are drenched in reverb and sent drifitng into the ether, a soft fluttering falsetto most of the time, a low monk like chant at others, swooping through ominous minor key melodies, over simple sparkling guitar lines, wrapped in a warm and shimmery haze, over a bed of rumbling drones and occasional chiming percussion. Delicate crystalline soundscapes equal parts Pelt, Sigur Ros, Scott Tuma and Jewelled Antler. All three tracks recorded live with no overdubs, all completely otherworldly and breathtakingly lovely.

Blogging blues

Hey folks, as you may (or may not) have noticed, posting has been light 'round here lately. Haven't even been keeping up with the usual blog post announcing a new New Arrivals list. That's 'cause until we manage to migrate this blog onto the front page of the actual AQ site (which is part of a major site upgrade we have in the works), it's seeming to us that we get a better response / wider readership from things we post to our Facebook page, or Twitter about. If you haven't signed up for either or both, may we suggest you do so?

Lately we've been posting a "used cd score of the day" to the Facebook page, for those of you who don't regularly dig through our used section... there's some hidden gems.

Not that we're gonna not post stuff here too... but just a heads up to check out those other socially networked means of staying in touch with what's going at AQ.