Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phoenix ticket refunds

This post is for folks who bought tickets to last Saturday's Spectrumfest that was supposed to feature a live performance from Phoenix... which didn't happen, bummer. We sold tickets, but we're not handling refunds, however, fyi here's the official fine print info regarding what do about it if you need a refund:

From all of us at Spectrum Festival: thank you for your patience and good humor as we dealt with the unexpected news of Phoenix’s day-of-show illness-induced cancellation on Saturday. We got the news with no time to find a replacement, or even to arrange a make-up date with the band. Furthermore, we knew that many of you were planning to attend the festival regardless of the fate of one of the many acts. In these tough circumstances, we elected to NOT cancel the event, and provide you with a great show anyway. Thanks to the many fine artists who performed on Saturday, this goal was achieved.

Many of you want to know what arrangements are being made regarding Phoenix’s cancellation, and any refund, or compensation instructions. Here are the facts:

The fact that Phoenix had cancelled was clearly posted at the entrance and representatives of the festival made sure to brief all entrants on the things which you are about to hear, but to be clear...

1: IF YOU DID NOT ENTER THE BUILDING: Your ticket will be refunded. You have 2 weeks to process your refund with your unused ticket(s).
• If you purchased through TICKETMASTER via the internet or phone : Contact Ticketmaster at 1‐800‐653‐8000

• If you purchased through a TICKETMASTER outlet please return to that outlet.
• If you purchased through The Warfield Box Office please return to The Warfield Box Office during the hours listed below.
• If you purchased in an authorized consignment location (ie Distractions, Aquarius or Skills): Refunds will be available at the Warfield Box Office DURING THE FOLLOWING HOURS:
Thursday July 2nd from 5PM – 9PM (During the Yes/ Asia Box Office times)
Sunday July 5th from 10AM – 4PM
Sunday, July 12th from 10AM-4PM
Please do not go to Distractions, Aquarius or Skills as they are unequipped to deal with mass refunds.
• If you DID enter the building, you will not be eligible for a refund (see below).

2: IF YOU DID ENTER THE BUILDING: As we mentioned at doors, those of you who entered had their tickets scanned will not be available for refund but your good spirit and positivity will be rewarded. We are trying to arrange partial compensation at a future Phoenix performance. At present, the details are not settled (as several parties in far-flung countries need to agree). Please be patient as we work on how best to reward you for your loyalty and energy. In the meantime...
• Everyone: Please hold onto your ticket or stub, and don’t delete any confirmation email you may have received (print out for safe-keeping if necessary).
• Online buyers: Stay tuned for an email regarding more information as it becomes available. Make sure that Ticketmaster is not blocked by your junkmail screening.
• In-Store buyers: Please check the following websites for information,,, You can also sign up for email updates at any of these sites to be sure to get an email as the information becomes available.

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Anonymous said...

wow, I heard about that. I actually saw them in the Slot Music Studio for 98.7 FM in Burbank, CA which was around the time they canceled that show and it was before their show in Long Beach(I think?)

Anyways, I saw Thome was sick or something. The rest of the band seemed okay but he was coughing. It was still a great performance though and I just have to say the band is real nice. Just hope they could do another show up there.