Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heads up

We know a lot of people's bodies are attuned to the natural, biweekly rhythms of the Aquarius New Arrivals list, appearing every other Friday night (or Saturday morning). So we don't want to mess anybody up, but we'd better warn you that although we sent out a list just last Friday, we'll be sending out another one tomorrow! That's right, two lists two weeks in a row. However, after that then we'll be back on our regular fortnightly list schedule, although we might bump up another future list this fall in order to get back to the "original" schedule (and avoid having a list fall on Christmas Day). 
The reason for all this isn't merely a ploy to increase our near-term cash flow (though of course that wouldn't hurt, and boy do we appreciate all your orders every list we do). It's that Allan has to fly to the East Coast at the end of next week, to attend the wedding of our good friends Matty and Suzi. Who so inconveniently scheduled their nuptials on what would have been the day after list #325. Thus this switcheroo to make things easier for everybody. And think of it this way - you'll get whatever cool stuff we're listing on tomorrow's list that you purchase a week earlier than you would have otherwise! And there is gonna be a lot of cool stuff... if we get the reviews done... so back to work...

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