Friday, August 7, 2009

New Arrivals #325

As our previous post indicated, we're bringing you list #325 a week sooner than anticipated! Here it is.

The four Records Of The Week:

Circle "Taantumus" (Ektro) cd $14.98
A lost (sort of) Circle record finally available in the US. Heavy and heady and hypnotic, repetitive and mesmerizing, wild vocals, motorik drumming, flute, c'mon IT'S CIRCLE!!!
Sylvester Anfang II "s/t" (Aurora Borealis) cd/2lp $17.98/$24.00
Brand new album of electronic flecked tribal spaced out druggy free folk krautrock weirdness from this Belgian funeral folk collective.
Nomeansno "The Day Everything Became Isolated And Destroyed" (Wrong Records) cd $13.98
Nomeansno "Wrong" (Wrong Records) cd $13.98
Two classic slabs of mathy proggy post punk from these Canadian legends, remastered, repressed, available again, heavy and far out and catchy, and two of our favorite records EVER.

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