Thursday, October 9, 2008

Between-lists new arrivals roundup

Some of the cool new items we've received this week - but by no means all of 'em:

The Alps "III" (Type) cd $15.98
Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker "Fantasma Parastasie" (Alien8) cd $14.98
Black To Comm "Fractal Hair Geometry" (Dekorder) cd/lp $16.98/$16.98
Loren Chasse & Michael Northam "The Otolith" (The Helen Scarsdale Agency) cd $14.98
Ensemble Economique "At The Foot Of Nameless Roads" (Digitalis) cd $12.98
The (Fallen) Black Deer "Requiem (Latitudes 0:15)" (Latitudes/Southern) cd $13.98
Jolie Holland "The Living And The Dead" (Anti-) cd $15.98
Machinefabriek "Dauw" (Dekorder) cd $16.98
Menace Ruine "The Die Is Cast" (Alien8) cd $15.98
Miss Lana Rebel "All I Need" (Wantage) lp $12.98
Moha! "One-Way Ticket To Candyland" (Rune Grammofon) cd $17.98
Daniel Padden "Pause For The Jet" (Dekorder) cd/lp $16.98/$14.98
Pedal "s/t" (Staubgold) cd $17.98
Steve Roden "Slow Moving Boat" (In Between Noise) 3"cd $7.98
Rusted Shut "Hot Sex EP" (Dull Knife) 12" $14.98
Uton "Straight Edge XXS" (Dekorder) lp $16.98
Uton "We're Only In It For The Spirit" (Digitalis) cd $12.98
v/a "1970's Algerian Proto-Rai Underground" (Sublime Frequencies) lp $25.00
White Magic "New Egypt (Latitudes 0:13)" (Latitudes/Southern) cdep $13.98
Zebulon Pike "Intransience" (Unfortunate Music) cd $11.98

Look out for reviews of (hopefully, most of) this stuff on our next list, #303. And of course, if you want to come in and buy any of these items now, by all means do so. Likewise, mailorder customers feel free to email and ask for any of these now. Thanks!

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