Tuesday, October 7, 2008

NYC's Orphan at Donuts

Locals who picked up the debut LP from Orphan we reviewed recently might be interested to know that they're coming to town soon, playing at the Knockout next Monday night, October 13th. Late Young is also on the bill. It's a Donuts Party if that means anything to you. Here's our review of Orphan's album, "Aborted By Birth":
Armed with drums and (ultra distorted) bass only, this heavy, hellbound girl-boy two-piece from Brooklyn crashes and bashes though ten trashed tracks of roughhewn rumble, making quite a crazed art-metal-noise racket. The drummer (girl, Speck Brown) pounds the skins with brutal abandon. Meanwhile the bassist (boy, Brendan Majewski) sings, in the most vicious nasty shriek he can muster, which is indeed brutal too, all the while ripping out the distorted riffage - which can get kinda catchy, on such negative creep cuts as "Love Is For The Birds". Elsewhere they lay waste to such troubling topics as "Penis Farm", "Swan Blood", and "Jane Fonda". Titling their album Aborted By Birth may be intended to draw comparisons to death metallers Cannibal Corpse, if only to stress their metallic bona fides, since otherwise they probably get a lot of Lightning Bolt references, due to the bass-drums duo setup. Naturally, godheadSilo, Jucifer, and Israel's Barbara would be other good comparisons. Released on evil white vinyl only, limited to 666 numbered copies (isn't that convenient?). We have but a handful.

And here's the flyer for the show:

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Klaus To The Edge said...

YES - A DONUTS PARTY MEANS IT WILL BE FUN!!!!!!! Not just a boring regular show... There will be free donuts and a dance party. METAL NOISE AND BOOTY SHAKING ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!