Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Arrivals list #304

Haven't blogged much this week, sorry, that's 'cause we were busy working on the latest New Arrivals list, which you'll find here. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

The four Records Of The Week, this week:
Nahvalr "s/t" (Enemies List) cd $13.98
Buzz upon buzz upon buzz. The first "open source" black metal record, from the same guys behind the blissed out blackened gloom metal of Have A Nice Life!
Fripp & Eno "(No Pussyfooting)" (DGM) 2cd $16.98
Fripp & Eno "Evening Star" (DGM) cd $15.98
Two crucial legendary albums by Fripp & Eno, remastered and reissued, sounding as good as ever, with a whole bonus disc on No Pussyfooting, ready to be worshipped by a new generation of listeners into the likes of Expo '70 and Growing.
Gore "Hart Gore/Mean Man's Dream" (Southern Lord) 2cd $17.98
Finally reissued together on two cds, two of THE most awesome records ever of groundbreaking minimal metallic crunch from this legendary Dutch trio.

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