Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

FYI, we'll be closed all day tomorrow, Thursday 11/27. Busy giving thanks, feasting, and (oh yeah) writing reviews for our New Arrivals list #306 on Friday. Locals, see you then, we'll be open at 10am on Friday as per usual, albeit with turkey or tofurkey hangovers. Mailorderers sending us emails, you may have to wait 'til Saturday to hear back from us, since no-one's going to be in the office tomorrow and Friday will be a hectic list-day... Ok, have a terrific holiday everybody!

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Anonymous said...

As a thank you for being my favorite record store, I am sharing this picture of Frank Zappa and his parents with you. I guess it originally ran as part of a series in LIFE Magazine. But the reason I'm sharing it is only tangentially Zappa-related: check out the painting on the wall behind his head. Plus the color of the wall it's hanging on. Seriously, how rad is that?