Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Arrivals list #305

Has been uploaded / emailed out. For the next two weeks you can find it here if you haven't seen it already.

The 2 Records Of The Week, this week:
Ursula Bogner "Recordings 1969-1988" (Faitiche) cd/lp $19.98/$19.98
Hadn't ever heard of her before either, but as soon as we heard her lovingly packaged Recordings 1969-1988, we were smitten, fascinated by the secret sonic life of a mother and housewife, and entranced by her homebrewed hobbyist minimal analog electronic music that's so wonderfully playful and dreamy. Wow. And even if the compelling story of Ursula Bogner were not true (if, say, this was an elaborate hoax perpetrated by Jan Jelinek) we'd still love the music...
Tobacco "Fucked Up Friends" (Anticon) cd/lp $14.98/$14.98
Fuzzed out swap meet synths and vocodered '80 vocals in a WTF? electro pop concoction with guest rapping from Aesop Rock! In heavy rotation here at AQ...

Also, there's a new tUMULt release on this week's list:
The Memories Attack "s/t" (tUMULt/Noyes) cd $13.98
Nope, it's not any sort of black metal, not this time. This one's for the pop lovers out there, it's an album from a Canadian indie noise pop duo featuring one of the dudes from Eric's Trip.

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