Friday, April 17, 2009

We're number 7!

According to Spin magazine (online), in their list of America's top 15 best indie record stores, just posted here! Thanks, Spin!

Aquarius regulars will note something funny about the accompanying photo of our storefront, though (at least, until Spin fixes it)... they used a picture of the fake-Aquarius-on-Castro that was mocked up for the movie Milk! Whoops. A Google image search must have led them astray. We emailed some pictures of the real AQ to Spin so they can correct that, no big deal anyway, actually kind of funny.

But that reminds us, if anyone does have photos of the actual AQ location(s) on Castro back in the day, let us know.

And we should remind YOU that tomorrow, Saturday April 18th is RECORD STORE DAY. Hence the timeliness of Spin's feature.

Since we're having an instore tonight (Friday) with Dan Higgs and Bill Nace, and also already had one on monday with Wavves, we didn't plan any special instore event for Saturday. Other than plenty of SHOPPING! And hanging out. The Barsuk label sent some root beers and we'll get some more snacks and beverages too, plus Andee will be here if anyone wants to challenge him at Joust, Ghosts n' Goblins or Tron. And of course you've probably already heard about how there's all these special Record Store Day releases, like Sonic Youth 7"s from Matador and a live Iron & Wine album from Sub Pop and a rad Thrill Jockey comp lp, that we'll have a goodly selection of for sale tomorrow - while they last! So c'mon down Saturday and help us celebrate Record Store Day!


Anonymous said...

Only #7? Really?

Sure, other stores have the upper hand as far as volume, and vinyl. But only #7? I'd put Aq way above Amoeba, Other, Sonic Boom, and Wuxtry.


aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

hey thanks anonymous! that's exactly the sort of comment we were fishing for... but seriously, we're just happy to be on the list, and in such good company.

while we strive to be #1, we know we have a ways to go... but comments like yours are certainly encouraging.

bob said...

you should have been at least #5. i've been to other and amoeba. other doesn't have the metal selection that you do. and amoeba is on haight street so gross no way i'm going there.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, but I think you guys are much better than seventh. But whatever, you're still my fave.