Thursday, April 2, 2009

Skweee publicity

Check out page 30 of the new, April 2009 issue of SPIN magazine, the one with U2 on the cover - there's a piece about skweee. You know, our favorite Scandinavian underground electro/techno/hiphop subgenre. Aquarius gets a mention, 'cause they interviewed me (Allan) for the article. The quote they ended up using doesn't amount to much ("It sounded so fresh... customers loved it." Did I really say that?), but it's still cool to help promote the skweee scene...

Here's some YouTube skweee action also, from Swedish TV:

Too bad we don't speak Swedish, or we'd understand why they're going on about a Cat Stevens record. If you poke around some more on YouTube, you'll find a lot more skweee, with more music, less talking too.

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Anonymous said...

Cat Stevens: Was Dog A Doughnut
- Stone Cold Proto-Skweee Classic!