Thursday, April 2, 2009

AQXWFMUXSXSW video on Aural Suppository

Ok, back from the uber-low-end-noir-jazz Bohren & Der Club Of Gore experience last night. So much BASS! Wow. Amazing set, mostly in total darkness, with little Ikea-style colored lights suspended above each musician's head. They had a glowing Bohren skull logo in the middle of the stage, and you could barely see the black, spikey heavy metal bass guitars they had. Pretty cool that a band we've been into for ten years, finally came over from Germany and played at the Great American here in San Francisco. Their between-song stage banter was amusing, at least what could could be understood due to the German accent involved. "Even if you expect nothing out of life, you will be disappointed."

But, I'm supposed to be writing more about our SXSW showcase, not what I saw last night... except that with all that bass still echoing in my ears, it's been hard to think straight.

So, first off, we should direct you to a different blog entirely that's doing a better job of documenting said show that we are:

That blog (which you'll also find in our "blogs we like" sidebar to the right) already has stuff about the sets by Wildildlife, Absu, and Woven Hand. Write-ups, video clips from the performances, and video interviews with Matt from Wildildlife, Gregory from Gunslingers, and Proscriptor of Absu, too! And that's only what's been posted so far, maybe there's more. All done by AQ customer Denman C. Anderson who got a lot of good use out of his Flip video cam during SXSW. Thanks Denman!

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brendan said...

Warlock bass guitars = METAL.