Friday, April 3, 2009

Some aQ April Fool's Day tomfoolery comes true, AGAIN! Sort of... Introducing CHORD!

Not sure if everyone remembers an April Fool's Day aQuarius New Arrivals list from a few years back, where one of the made-up highlights was a record featuring three doomdronedirge bands, all playing a single chord. It was Boris, SUNNO))) and Earth. A drone doom dream team for sure. Then lo and behold, shortly thereafter, those three bands were in fact found sharing a record together (although not sharing a chord), on Altar...

So here we are, a few years later, and whatta ya know? One of our pals in Pelican has a new band called... wait for it... CHORD! A band in which each member plays a single chord! We hope they each play one note, creating a chord together, although they're probably just all playing the same chord. Either way, it's pretty awesome, very meditative and heavy and of course drone-y. Definitely owes a little to the late great San Diego band Physics, whose shows routinely consisted of a single chord (often a 'C' if we remember correctly) Not sure when the CHORD record comes out, or if there even is a record yet. There may have been some live performances too, we're not sure... but for now, enjoy these ringtones. Courtesy of aQ and CHORD. That's right, ringtones. The perfect telephonic accoutrement for the discerning dronelord (or lady!). So without further adieu...


Listen (Try playing all 4 at once!):








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