Monday, April 27, 2009

New Arrivals list #317

Almost forgot... you'll find our latest New Arrivals list here, if you haven't already.

Records Of The Week:
Peste Noire "Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor" (De Profundis / Rosenkrantz) cd $16.98
French folk-flecked and fucked up, unpredictable black metal weirdness with twisted and tweaked elements of melancholic pop and post rock. Bizarre and brilliant. Something even the non-totally-black-metal-obsessed-with ought to hear, as long as they're into stuff that's really really strange and amazing.
Thee Oh Sees "Help" (In The Red) cd/lp $13.98/$10.98
Local faves John Dwyer and Co. have made their catchiest slab of garage pop yet, you bet. So good.

We've actually already run out of the Peste Noire, but have more on the way, soon!

And in the meantime, there's another French black metal recording we'd recommend, the new release from Andee's tUMULt label, Diamatregon! "Crossroad" is $13.98 on cd and is also available on lp, from the Paragon label, also $13.98.

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