Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Arrivals #336

Happy New (Arrivals List) Year! You'll find the first AQ update of 2010 here.

We didn't pick a Record Of The Week this time, in part 'cause we couldn't decide amongst a bunch of cool contenders, and also because if we had, it was too late to order an extra batch of anything in time due to our suppliers being closed and mail being slow during the holidays... However, had we picked a Record Of The Week, there's a good chance it would have been the disc by Opium Warlords, or the one by Cleaning Women, or the G.R. & Full-Blown Expansion, or the Emitt Rhodes collection, or, well, there's a lot of good stuff on this list, albeit a shorter one than usual. But everything is a Highlight!

Also you'll find each AQ staffer's personal Top Ten (or 20...) of 2009, if you're curious.

AND, this list also includes a HUGE special end of year clearance SALE section. So don't forget to scroll down to that!


evil eye hOneytree said...

We agree with every single pick on Andee's top of the past year... brilliant and amazing sounds all, however, when it came time to do our own, we were grieved to discover that the True Widow was released in late 2008! It absolutely IS the album of the year ... shame we got to the ball late.

With utmost respect and admiration from the Midwest,


andee said...

thanks for the kind words, and i did actually know that true widow was from last year, but i just HAD to make an exception, since i only discovered it this year, and listened to it multiple times EVERY day since. also managed to get them to come play a show in SF, since i missed em last time, and they might even play our SXSW showcase in the spring. fingers crossed.
for me these lists aren't meant to be technical, or even necessarily accurate, just a way to continue to spread the love about new music and cool bands and sounds that need to be heard, no matter when they came out.
allan is definitely a list purist. i however, am not! we spend a lot of time arguing about it. haha.
thanks again. here's to an even more kick ass musical 2010! yr pal - an de ee aQ/tM
ps. and by every pick, were you also including brokENCYDE ; ))))))))))))