Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Arrivals #337

Here we go again!

Records Of The Week:

NIGHT CONTROL "Life Control" (Kill Shaman) cd $12.98
Record number two from this mysterious one man lo-fi noise pop deconstructionist, tighter and more polished, but still twisted and far out, after Death Control comes Life Control!
NECRO DEATHMORT "This Beat Is Necrotronic" (Distraction) cd $11.98
Beat heavy drone doom bliss, SUNNO))) meets Squarepusher? Maybe. Scorn gone dubstep, grim electronic laced doomdrone, whatever it is, it just might be our new favorite.
WHOURKR "Concrete" (Crucial Blast) cd $11.98
Head spinning electronic grind pop, chopped and processed and looped, an impossible melding of stuttery machingun metal, Melt Banana like hyper pop, Circle-style hypno rock, all woven into something fucked up and far out, dense, druggy, technical and abstract and impossibly catchy.

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