Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At last... 2008!

There's procrastination, and then there's procrastination. And then there's us, getting around to posting the all the AQ customers' favorites lists of 2008! Well, we've finally done it. You can find all those fascinating year end best of 2008 lists compiled here. Thanks to everybody who shared, and again, apologies it took us so long to get this page together. We promise, we'll force ourselves to do better with the best of 2009 lists (which we're already soliciting, please send your top tens or twenties to store at, with TOP TEN 2009 in the subject line, deadline the end of January, w/ two $25 AQ gift certs to be won by random drawing btw). And by better, we mean we expect to get 'em up on our site BEFORE the end of 2010, in fact, let's be crazy and say before early spring!

So, go take a look at those 2008 lists, if anything, it's interesting to look at 'em now, just as a reminder of what you were listening to before 2009 took over. And also to make sure your 2009 Top Tens measure up to what you selected the year before!

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