Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Arrivals #335

Partied so hard last night at our shopping shindig / Alan Lomax In Haiti box set release party that we almost forgot to blog about the list we just sent out, which you'll of course find here.

Records Of The Week:

Tony Tears "Voci Dal Passato" (Manium Evocandorum Doctrina) cd $22.00
Sad, psychedelic Goblin meets Doom Metal music from an Italian one-man-band. Eerie, hypnotic, and vaguely dubby dirges that are soooo sad and beautiful, and heavy too.
Lloyd Miller "A Lifetime In Oriental Jazz" (Jazzman) cd $17.98
We're super stoked on the "Oriental Jazz" stylings of Lloyd Miller, who put Persian instruments and Indian ragas into his compositions back in the '50s and '60s, as documented on this amazing new collection of his otherworldly "world music" jazz sides.
Oneohtrix Point Never "Rifts" (No Fun Productions) 2cd $16.98
A double cd anthology of this cosmic electronic project's three vinyl releases of 2009, a sprawling selection of ambient sonic vapor trails passing through moonlit nightscapes redrawn in neon hyperdelic colors...

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