Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vote for us, please

We've never done this before, but we guess it can't hurt. The San Francisco Bay Guardian's yearly "Best Of The Bay" issue is coming up in July, and wouldn't it be neat if Aquarius won the popularity contest polling as thee best something-or-other?
We've got some ballots on the counter here in the shop, or you can simply go on-line to the website to cast your vote (a good option for you mailorder types). The Shopping section of the poll has no "Best Record Store Selling Cool Weird Stuff" option, so we guess we'd like your votes for "Best Place To Buy CDs". We also would qualify for votes in the Classics category, which applies to things more than 25 years old, for "Best Retail Shop". Another possibility, in the Sex And Romance section, "Best First Date Spot". Hmm? Voting ends June 30th, so get to it.

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