Friday, June 19, 2009

New Arrivals #321

Another New Arrivals list, yay.

Records Of The Week:
Gog "Mist From The Random More" (Utech Records) cd $14.98
Another Record Of The Week from the excellent Utech label (who brought us last list's Aluk Todolo disc), it's otherworldly blackened doomdirgedrone, that we liken to "a black metal Necks", need we say more?
Onna "s/t" (Holy Mountain) cd $14.98
Remember the amazing 7" reissue of drum machine backed psych-folk by this mysterious '80s Japanese artist we highlighted a little while back? Well now those two tracks are on cd, with a whole bunch more archival material, including several songs featuring guitarist Michio Kurihara whom you know from his work with Ghost and Boris.
Loop "World In Your Eyes" (Reactor) 3cd $22.00
Loop "A Gilded Eternity" (Reactor) 2cd $16.98
2 more essential reissues from UK hypnorock masters Loop, 1987's 12" collection World In Your Eyes and their final album A Gilded Eternity from 1990, with TONS of extra stuff. The former is a triple cd now, the latter a double! More drugged out, riff-looping bliss than you can believe.

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