Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The New Republic on Shitgaze

Allan, who happens to subscribe to the venerable "journal of politics and the arts" that is The New Republic magazine, found something in the most recent issue that might amuse some AQ customers. TNR's rock/pop music critic, writing about how the contemporary music scene is responding to the Great Recession, made (not exactly positive) reference to the new so-called subgenre of "shitgaze" music, as personified by such bands as Psychedelic Horseshit and Times New Viking! Normally this fellow writes about Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and stuff like that, so he says it took "colleague whose taste I abhor" turn him on to (and/or off of) shitgaze...

The relevant paragraph can be found online here, or to read the full article, which puts things in historical perspective, look here.

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