Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Arrivals list #320

Another new arrivals list has been birthed! Read it here.

Records Of The Week:
Aluk Todolo "Finsternis" (Utech Records) cd $14.98
The 2nd album from this hypnotic French krautrocky outrock trio, also their 2nd Record Of The Week. Featuring members of black metallers Diamatregon and garagepsych combo Gunslingers.
Cave "Psychic Psummer" (Important) cd/lp $15.98/$16.98
2nd ROTW from these guys too, very Circular, rhythmic, colorful, mesmeric, psyched out, energetically grooving. Can't get enough!
Slough Feg "Ape Uprising!" (Cruz Del Sur) cd $15.98
Never made an album by these weirdo atavistic heavy metal rifflords a ROTW before, but probably should have. This new album is one of their best, heaviest, poppiest, most exuberant and eccentric!

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