Friday, February 26, 2010

New Arrivals #340

All right! Blogging about our new list and it's not even midnight Friday, wow. You can find it here.

Records Of The Week:

DWARR "Animals" (Brand X Recordings) cd $12.98
Eccentric outsider "doom metal" from the '80s, psychedelic and strange, like DIY Black Sabbath meets Todd Tamanend Clark...
HADEWYCH "s/t" (Tuchtunie) cd $13.98
Mysterious occult sonic rituals from this UK horde, a dizzying blend of black drones, dense doomic dirgery, skittery electronics, bizarre vocalizations, all blurred into an epic, sprawling, haunting otherworldly soundscape songsuite. Packaged in handmade wooden sleeves wrapped in leaves and ULTRA LIMITED.
LI JIANHONG "Classic Of The Mountains And Seas" (PSF) cd $16.98
Sheer, untrammeled, outward bound electric six string axe action from this Chinese amplifier worshipping guitar god: heavy, epic, blown out, and so beautiful.

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