Saturday, February 20, 2010

Projects in the jungle

Our NZ friend Antony Milton (Mrtyu, Nether Dawn, A.M., The Stumps, The Futurians, PseudoArcana label, etc.), asked us to help spread the word about this neat project he did on behalf of the endangered South American rainforest, here's the info:

In September and October of 2009 Antony Milton spent 3 weeks working as a volunteer for the San Miguel del Bala community in the Bolivian jungle. His project for this time was to record a work representing the sound environment of this location, the sounds of the jungle and of the local village and its musicians.
This experience was a real adventure and involved a 3 day journey in dugout canoe up into the deep jungle of the Madidi National Park in order to record howler monkeys and other more exotic animals.
The final album is a filmic 35 minute suite of sounds and music. Upon receiving payments an email will be sent back as soon as possible containing the download links.
The download includes a text file documenting the sound sources for these recordings.
All money from this release will be forwarded to the San Miguel del Bala Community Trust, an initiative set up by Conservation International as an alternative to the logging which was the main source of income for villagers prior to the trust funds various tourism based operations.

There is a lot more information about this album on Antony Milton's myspace blog:

to order go here:

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