Monday, March 1, 2010

Dep't of Corrections

It seems that somehow a couple minor mistakes crept into this past week's list (well, maybe more than a couple, but there's definitely two we know about)...

It's been pointed out to us (repeatedly) that Pantha Du Prince's excellent "Black Noise" album is not his debut full-length, he's got a bunch of other records as well, whoops. You can be sure that the person here who wrote our review is pretty stoked to find that out!

And the Saint Vitus "Die Healing" vinyl we listed is actually a single LP, not a double, it was mis-entered in our database as such, sorry for the confusion (if anyone even noticed our mistake).

Otherwise, we're pretty sure everything on the list was 1000% correct and factually accurate, including our opinions.

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BenT said...

I question this:
SANDWITCHES:"...featuring members of Brilliant Colors..."