Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Arrivals list #315

Trying to get ahead of the game here. In a few moments (probably already, by the time you read this), you should be able to find our latest Aquarius New Arrivals list, uploaded in the wee hours of Saturday morning, here.

Records Of The Week:
Black Tambourine "Complete Recordings" (Slumberland) cd $10.98
Reissued jangle shoegaze pop gem circa 1990 totally for fans of the Slumberland label's current sweethearts Crystal Stilts and Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words "Lost In Reflections" (Killer Pimp) cd $11.98
Epic and intense dronebliss, so beautiful.
Wolves In The Throne Room "Black Cascade" (Southern Lord) cd $14.98
The eagerly awaited (and amazing!) new album from these guys for all you black metal maniacs (and even the ones who only dabble).


Babouin said...

The band Onna is in fact the musical project of the underground comic artist Keizo Miyanishi (cover of the 7" is made by him, and very representative of his unusual comics) and the second guy is a former member of cult band YBO2.
This 7" was produced by the leader of punk band "The Stalin" and has been reissued in 1999 as a cd+book (a comic made by Miyanishi).

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

Thanks for the info, Babouin.

YBO2 was an awesome band, wish we could still get their cds to list! They seem to be out of print now.

FYI, we also just heard this from JW at Holy Mountain about the upcoming Onna cd he's doing: "The cd has an outtake from the same session as the 7" that might be my favorite of the three. It also features a few recent dark Haino-esque tracks but the rest is filled out with live jamz featuring a very green Michio Kurihara that sound like a killer unreleased Psychick TV record or something like a live sacrifice featuring electric guitar. High era psych-goth a la the first White Stains 7". That said, it will be out soon"

Babouin said...

This cd will certainly kick ass, I can't wait to hear it.
And yes, YBO2 was a killer band especially the first album "Alienation"....Unfortunatelly, all their cds are now out of print, and the band leader Masashi Kitamura has passed away in 2006 in a total silence.....wich is a shame as this guy did so much for the alternative japanese music scene in the 80s, a scene wich sadly remains quite obscure nowadays in western countries...