Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Friday, the Big Day. Started off awesomely with a bunch of 85 cent breakfast tacos at Tamale House #3 (a place Andee remembered fondly from his A Minor Forest touring days, like a dozen years before). Then we did some shopping at Half Price Books and Cheapo Discs, with Brian WFMU and a nice Aquarius customer by the name of Denman, who had helped hook Andee up with a place to stay (Allan, who it seems is less willing to entrust his sleeping arrangements to the kindness of strangers, had opted to book a hotel room). There wasn't a band playing at Tamale House #3 or the book store, but there was one at Cheapo, that started as soon as we walked in... that's the way it is in Austin during SXSW. Bands playing in every nook and cranny it seems. Sometimes, it was quieter to go into a venue where you could only hear ONE band, rather than be outside where you could hear ALL of them.

Andee took an afternoon nap, while Allan went to a free party at Trophy's bar, where one of our showcase bands, Slough Feg, was playing... he also got to see a bit of Portland rockers Red Fang (whose debut album we just got in, haven't heard it yet, but they are responsible for what might be the best video EVER, in Allan's opinion). Turned out that Skeletonwitch had already played at Trophy's earlier, had Allan known he would have hurried down there sooner.

Then, at about 5pm, it was time to meet up at Spiro's, the site of our showcase, mere hours away!!

(To Be Continued Again)

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