Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Arrivals #314... so soon?

Yep, we did a list on Friday, just a week after #313, 'cause we weren't gonna be able to do one next week like normal on account of our SXSW activities. If you haven't seen #314 yet, it's here.

Records Of The Week:
Dead Peni "2-4+1" (Blossoming Noise) cd $12.98
Total buzzing black doom industrial noise nirvana, lumbering and druggy, riffs torn apart into scary soundscapes.
Funeral Mist "Maranatha" (Ajna) cd/2lp $14.98/$35.00
We were warned repeatedly that this new album from these AQ-fave Swedish black metallers was terrible and supposedly sounded like "nu-metal", but when we got it, it totally kicked our asses, and has us convinced that despite those warnings, it just might end up being the black metal album of the year. We, know, we say that about a lot of black metal records, but we mean it (always)!
v/a "Plantation Gold: The Mad Genius Of Shelby S. Singleton Jr." (The Omni Recording Corporation) 2cd $16.98
This collection from the excellent reissue label Omni is devoted to compiling the most 'incredibly strange music' side of '60s and '70s country & western we've ever heard!

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derek said...

Have to politely disagree on the Funeral Mist. The lead singer just sounds constipated.... ;-)