Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New internet is go

All right! Today is our first day with our new, faster cable internet connection turned on here at the store. We flipped the switch and, lo and behold, it worked. Our local network didn't get screwed up, our emails seem to come and go as they should, yay! Supposedly it's 16x faster than our old internet service. Dunno about 16x exactly, but it IS faster. Of course, our old DSL seemed like dial-up. So... we can get more done, more quickly. Or that's the idea. And 'cause we're so excited about our new internet, we're also gearing up on some of the internet-related projects we've been planning for a while - like this here blog. The idea is, soon we'll be posting something every day or two. Right now we're just trying to get used to the concept. And it's a bit weird, posting to this blog now, 'cause we haven't actually told anybody about it (yet) so that there's very little chance that anyone (right now as I post this) is gonna be reading it. Still, it's worth doing it now, as an exercise!
The other internet related projects? Perhaps an AQ podcast, and some (gradual) graphical redesign of our website, among other things.... we'll keep you posted.

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