Monday, September 15, 2008

Hey Ma, look we're in the New York Times!

A bunch of folks pointed out to us that we got a nice mention in Sunday's NYT travel section, as part of a piece entitled "36 Hours In San Francisco", focused on the Mission District.

"A friendly sanctuary for music lovers" they said. And we were like, oh yeah, we remember a photographer coming by to take some pictures a little while ago, that's right! Pretty cool, we're given props alongside other favorite Mission places to go like Creativity Explored, Weird Fish and Dolores Park. Check out the whole article (with slide show) online at the link above.

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xoxobra said...

Just found this blog via the website. This reminded me, Zac from Dengue Fever did an interview for NPR earlier this year and mentioned you guys. He mentioned Byram specifically and how he got him into the Cambodia Rocks collection.
I meant to let you guys know, but alas, there was no practical way of doing so. Not that it matters a whole lot, but...just figured you'd like to know when you're mentioned.