Saturday, September 13, 2008

Leaky leak

It got just a little bit damp here Friday night. A plumber had been installing a new bathtub in the apartment upstairs during the day, and late that evening, Jon (working at the front counter) detected, with his keen senses, a drip drip drip coming from our mailorder room... thankfully, the leak was a minor one, and no equipment or merchandise was damaged. Longtime local customers have probably been here when we've had similar (but worse) emergencies in the past, with our racks moved around and plastic sheeting over everything. It's an old building! But fortunately our landlord is super conscientious & responsive about stuff like this, and had the plumber back down here first thing in the morning Saturday to fix things up. Fingers crossed that's the last of this particular leak.

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Klaus To The Edge said...

yes some of us may remember when there was an all-out monsoon from upstairs. ewps.