Friday, April 9, 2010

New Arrivals #343

Wow, we got this week's list out, Friday night, and it's not even closing time! Whoo-hoo!

The FOUR Records Of The Week, are:

MUGSTAR Sun Broken (Important) cd $14.98
Latest disc of blown out instrumental psychedelic space rock from these long time aQ faves, their best, and heaviest yet!
XASTHUR Portal Of Sorrow (Disharmonic Variations) cd $10.98
The LAST Xasthur record ever, a twisted black doom folk masterpiece featuring vocal contributions from folk chanteuse Marissa Nadler!
DON CHERRY Brown Rice (A&M / Jazz Heritage) cd $17.98
One of our favorite discs, from one of our favorite musicians, Brown Rice finally reissued, funky and far out and so so good.
V/A Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics : Volume One (Angular Recordings) 2lp $32.00
Another killer comp of cold wave, synth wave, dark wave radness, the perfect companion to the Minimal Waves compilation that was also a Record Of The Week.

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Gavin said...

In the new mailout, in the piece about Dignan Porch, you say "with vocals that shift from faux British accent croon, to distorted howl, to high keening falsetto" know they're from South London right? Just in case you meant the "British" was faux, not the "croon".