Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best post of the year

FYI, besides the two Records Of The Week, our list 344 also includes some discs we describe with such enthusiastic accolades as:

"Definite contender for weirdo black metal record of the year." (Abigor)

"For some of us it's already Record Of The Year!" (Angst Skvadron)

"One of the most urgent, immediate and enjoyable records of the year." (Caribou)

"Best dubstep jam of the year? Quite possibly..." (Shit & Shine)

"Will without question end up on many year end best ofs, and with good reason." (Twilight)

"Hands down, THEE best dubstep comp we've gotten in, well, maybe forever." (This Is Dubstep Vol. 2)

"As far as Allan is concerned, his favorite metal cd of the year, quite possibly." (Realmbuilder)

At least we're not all negative, grumpy and jaded.


a d r i a n said...

Best Aquarius Records blog post of the year, hands down.

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

That's what I said!