Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Arrivals #333

Halfway to 666! You'll find the full list here. Please do.

Records Of The Week, four of 'em:

Ben Frost "By The Throat" (Bedroom Community) cd $16.98
Harrowing, epic, intense electronic music, like a soundtrack to some wolf-haunted horror film.
Marduk "Wormwood" (Regain) cd $14.98
Maybe the best black metal album of the year, from this elite Swedish horde. Twisted and MASSIVE.
Home Blitz "O.ut O.f P.hase" (Richie) cd $13.98
Another definite year-end fave, noise rock guys unleashing their inner power pop demons!
Fred Bigot "Mono/Stereo" (Holy Mountain) cd $13.98
Holy Mountain reissues on cd a couple of classic raw, fuzzed out, stripped down, psychedelic TECHNO 12"s.

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Dave said...

Nice writeup on White Mice. And you're right, they're ear-bleedingly awesome live. When I saw them, they wore white mouse suits...Think post-experiment lab rats, and you'll get the gory idea.