Monday, November 23, 2009


Sorry, there's (at least one) mistake we just found on our last list, #333, that needs correctin': Turns out the new cassette and cd-r on the Sonic Meditations label we highlighted isn't called what we thought it was, not exactly. We got the artist name/album title switched around, whoops! It's "Glacier" by Sounding The Deep, not "Sounding The Deep" by Glacier. If you look at the cover, you can see why we made this error, it says Glacier much bigger than anything else, and it more of a logo-y lookin' font. Also, if you ask us, Glacier is a better name for a band, but anyway, sorry for the confusion.

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Claustrophobist said...

hehehe... Glacier was actually one of the first names of Tomb Of..., when the project dated back to 2002, with a much different sound. :) (Claustrophobist ex-WS here)