Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Arrivals #328

It's that time again. You'll find it here!

Records Of The Week:

Sunny Day Real Estate "Diary" (Sub Pop) cd/2lp $11.98/$16.98
Sunny Day Real Estate "LP2" (Sub Pop) cd/2lp $11.98/$14.98
Two reissues on cd and vinyl from this seminal '90s indie rock act, the second wave emo of their first couple crucial albums.
V/A "Shadow Music Of Thailand" (Sublime Frequencies) cd $16.98
Now on cd, one of our Sublime Frequencies faves, the twanging guitars of super enchanting groovy garage pop from the '60s Thai scene.
Yo La Tengo "Popular Songs" (Matador) cd/2lp $13.98/$25.00
A new masterpiece from a band that has never disappointed us, the indie rock royalty of Hoboken New Jersey, YLT!

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Mark Ernestus is in Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound