Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Arrivals #327

Good morning, New Arrivals List #327!

Records Of The Week:

Forest Creature "Frustrated Analogue - 7 Edits From 2009" (Blackest Rainbow) cd $16.98
A UK duo playing a sort of fantastically twisted, blissed out, rhythmic, synthdrone techno psychedelia.
Yoga "Megafauna" (Holy Mountain) cd $14.98
The latest from the Holy Mountain label, and while this band is not black metal they wouldn't wouldn't sound like they do if black metal didn't exist.
Velvet Cacoon "P aa opal poere pr.33" (Starlight Temple Society) cd $7.98
We made this subversive group's recent completely ambient double disc a Record Of The Week, and this follow up album is perhaps even better - and definitely much more metal. But still warped and weird in that special Velvet Cacoon way.

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