Thursday, May 19, 2011


So, we've got coldwave and chillwave and floorcore and metalgaze and doomcore, right? All have multiple citations on the AQ site, if you do a keyword search.

But not any floorwave or shoecore or chillgaze or doomwave... or do we? Can you think of any examples of those?


Forced Nostalgia said...

any harsh newage or emonoise in stock ?

Anonymous said...

so i cultivated this glacier melting forest droned out crack-core metal project "earthwitch" scheduled performances on vancouver island and will tour the outer rim with our extremely rare dbl gatefold one sided 11" screened b-side record. real

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

earthwitch, if only!

Tyranus Forte said...

A place to bury strangers could be shoecore... but really, why all these classifications? I know why. but still, sometimes it doesn't seem like there's really a movement before there's a name for it, and I don't like that. IE witch house.

I don't think that fever ray made that album thinking "this is going to be a great witch house album"
all those bands following the trend seem contrived to me