Monday, February 21, 2011

Guess we're part of the trend

The New York Times reports on the decline of blogging, vs. the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter.


Michael said...

I was excited about an AQ blog just to get something in my feed reader from you guys. don't go all facebooky on me, i can't stand FB.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed Aquarius' move toward social media, and honestly I find it shocking and disappointing. The beauty about blogs is that they're open -- anybody can comment and respond. Not so of Twitter or Facebook. Seriously, how am I supposed to enter your contests or send you witty comments if I'm not on Twitter (which I'm not)? Seriously, I love y'alls but there's nothing independent or DIY about relying on a closed third-party medium for communication; it's paradoxical to me that that's the direction you've chosen.

aQuarius recOrds, inc. said...

hey anonymous,
sorry you're so bummed about that, we do intend to pick up more on the blogging once our website is overhauled and the blog can appear there, on the front page, rather than on (third party platform) blogspot. and in the meantime, even if you're not on twitter, you can still follow all our tweets here on this blog page, and feel free to respond to 'em as you like with an email to the store. we definitely want to still reach (and hear from) folks not on facebook or twitter! though of course in this day and age you can understand why we want to make use of those social media, too.

aquarius said...

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