Friday, May 28, 2010

New Arrivals #346.5

Basically a whole new list here, folks! Well, a couple dozen new reviews of new stuff that's shown up in the week since list #346, plus a round-up (like our last "in-between list" list) of some selected items from a selected genre. Actually, 2 genres, we're featuring "out" rock and drones this time around.

Enough new stuff, that we picked two Records Of The Week:

THE BODY "All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood" (Aum War) 2lp $17.98
Latest and greatest from this Providence avant doom duo, their already epic pummel augmented by multiple drummers, horns strings and an actual choir, dom disc of the year hands down!
HARVEY MILK "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness" (Hydra Head) cd $12.98
Incredible new disc from the masters of slow motion crush and anguished glacial plod, tangled and lush and melodic and difficult and lovely and fucking genius.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Arrivals #346

Sorry, we're a couple days late blogging about this one, the new list we posted Friday, you can find it here if you haven't thoroughly perused it already. Actually we posted it Saturday morning in the wee hours, it took a much longer time to do than usual thanks to some $%@#! computer issues.

Records Of The Week:

AUN "VII" (Important) cd $14.98
For you dronedoom aficionados, the latest from Quebec's ultra heavy Aun, who incorporate a lot of lovely melody and mystery amidst their glacial shoegazing grind, for fans of SUNNO))), Nadja, and also Aluk Todolo... features guest drummer Away from Voivod!!
DARA PUSPITA "1966-1968" (Sublime Frequencies) cd $16.98
We fell in love with this '60s girl garage group from Indonesia when PlusTapes reissued 'em on 3 now out of print cassettes, thankful Sublime Frequencies has now put out a cd of all that stuff, so incredible!
TY SEGALL "Melted" (Goner) cd $11.98
This local boy brings it yet again, on his best yet, taking his "way blown out lo-fi garage radness" to a new level, and going in other cool directions to boot!

And here's a heads up, you know the list #345.666 we did in-between lists #345 and #346, the "black metal special"? Well, look out for our second biweekly 'in-between list' list, going out this Friday, another round-up of a selected items in stock from recent updates, from a certain genre or two (avant-rock and drones this time 'round). But this time, experimenting further, on list #346.5 we intend to also go ahead and review a few cool new arrivals that showed up this week, so it'll be more of a 'mini' regular list, really. We probably won't do that every time with these 'interstitial' lists, um, 'cause it's a lot more work, but we'll see how it goes this time! So stay tuned...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Arrivals #345.666 : Black Metal Special

It's not really a new arrivals list, rather a round-up of all the black metal items still in stock from the past six months or so, spanning lists #333 - #345. Something, if this experiment gets a good response, we intend to do every other week, on the "off" list week, featuring a different genre or other selected group of reviews that we think folks would be particularly interested in (such as, for example: drones, international, our recent pop faves, vinyl-only releases, cassettes... whatever we come up with). Should be helpful to those of you who perhaps missed or skimmed a list or two... You probably already got our email about this yesterday, we posted this debut "between-list" list then, and you can find it HERE!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Return of the mid-week update

Gonna try to use this blog, as well as Twitter, a bit more regularly to let you know what's just come in to the shop... so, a few of the New Arrivals since last Friday's list went out:

BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE "Forgiveness Rock Record" (Arts & Crafts) cd $14.98
COCO ROSIE "Grey Oceans" (Sub Pop) cd/lp $13.98/$16.98
DEAD WEATHER "Sea Of Cowards" (Warner Bros.) cd $16.98
KRISTOFFERSON, KRIS "Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends: The Publishing Demos 1968-1972" (Light In The Attic) cd $15.98
MALE BONDING "Nothing Hurts" (Sub Pop) cd/lp $13.98/$15.98
Andee's new pop fave! Kinda like Vivian Girls, or Dum Dum Girls, but boys.
NIGHTBRINGER "Apocalypse Sun" (Anja) cd $14.98
PORTAL "Lurker At The Threshold" (Chrome Leaf) 7" $8.98
Picture disc, super limited, twisted Aussie outsider blackness.
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT "Acid Tape" (Fan Death) cassette $4.00
SINGH, CHARANJIT "Synthesizing: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat" (Bombay Connection) 2lp $31.00
Proto-techno from India, from 1982!! So amazing.
TWIN STUMPS "Seedbed" (Fan Death) cd/lp $11.98/$12.98
Ugly and awesome, for fans of Brainbombs, Clockcleaner, Pissed Jeans, etc.

Come in/call/email if you want any of these, or if you're ordering off the web, just put 'em in the comments field of the order form...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Arrivals #345

New list is up.

Records Of The Week:

ALCEST Ecailles De Lune (Prophecy) cd $17.98
Latest disc of blissed out dreamlike post black metal from these French shoegazers.
OMAR SOULEYMAN Jazeera Nights: Folk And Pop Sounds Of Syria (Sublime Frequencies) cd $16.98
Another disc from Souleyman on Sublime Frequencies, a dizzying ecstatic collection of live tracks culled from 15 years of cassette releases!
V/A COLD WAVES + MINIMAL ELECTRONICS (Angular Recordings) cd $21.00
A recent record of the week on vinyl, originally a pricey 2lp, now available as a much more affordable cd.
WOODS At Echo Lake (Woodsist) cd/lp $11.98/$14.98
Gorgeous disc of lo-fi psychedelic noise folk, from these long time aQ faves, their best record by far!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to party! Thursday that is.

We've been in a festive mood here lately, ever since Record Store Day, and we figure it's about time we had another one of our weeknight "shopping parties". The last one we had was back in December, a holiday party (and "release party" for that Alan Lomax Haiti boxset) and it was a blast, we really should do something like that every other month or so, with or without an excuse. So, let's do it! Next week, Thursday night, we'll stay open late, and starting at about 9 o'clock or so we'll bring out the beers and refreshments, so stop by, hang out, eat and drink, play some video games (we'll put 'em on free play), chat with AQ-ers, listen to some music, do some shopping (gotta mention that!!), and in general have a good time partying here at Aquarius for a couple hours... 9pm until 11ish? BYOB if you like, we'll have some drinks here too, and we'll also probably get one or more of our food cart friends to stop by and be on hand to sell snacks if our chips and cookies aren't enough.

So mark your calendars, we're talking about Thursday the 13th, that's next week. Hopefully see you here then, if not before!!