Friday, May 7, 2010

Time to party! Thursday that is.

We've been in a festive mood here lately, ever since Record Store Day, and we figure it's about time we had another one of our weeknight "shopping parties". The last one we had was back in December, a holiday party (and "release party" for that Alan Lomax Haiti boxset) and it was a blast, we really should do something like that every other month or so, with or without an excuse. So, let's do it! Next week, Thursday night, we'll stay open late, and starting at about 9 o'clock or so we'll bring out the beers and refreshments, so stop by, hang out, eat and drink, play some video games (we'll put 'em on free play), chat with AQ-ers, listen to some music, do some shopping (gotta mention that!!), and in general have a good time partying here at Aquarius for a couple hours... 9pm until 11ish? BYOB if you like, we'll have some drinks here too, and we'll also probably get one or more of our food cart friends to stop by and be on hand to sell snacks if our chips and cookies aren't enough.

So mark your calendars, we're talking about Thursday the 13th, that's next week. Hopefully see you here then, if not before!!

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