Saturday, October 9, 2010

AQ 40th Birthday Show!! Oct. 25th!!

In case you didn't see our email about it...

Lordy, lordy, look who's 40! 

Us, that's who. 

That's right, aQuarius has been "getting the music to the people" since 1970 (hence our Age-of-Aquarius moniker). 

So 2010 marks our 40th anniversary. 


Of course, none of us here now have been at AQ quite that long. But still, it's a milestone worthy of note. And we're certainly proud of aQuarius' history as San Francisco's oldest surviving independent record store. aQuarius was SF's punk rock/new wave store back in the '70s (when we were located on Castro St.), and over the years we sure have seen lots of music trends/scenes/formats come and go. All along, doing our very best to bring you the best, music-wise. 

We said "surviving", and we won't kid you, as you can imagine, in the current economy, it's not always easy. But we'd sure like to be doing what we do for a long time yet to come. And thanks to all the folks like you reading this, hopefully we will! 

Everybody here feels like it's a special thing to be a part of aQuarius, a chance to be involved with the music we love, getting it to the people who will appreciate it. And we couldn't do it without you! In fact, there'd be no point. 

So, to celebrate 40 years of aQuarius, we're throwing ourselves a "surprise" birthday party. Real soon. And you're invited! 

It's in a little over two weeks, on Monday October 25th, doors at 7pm show starting at 8pm sharp, at the Cafe DuNord, 2170 Market Street

We've got six great bands lined up for the event (not necessarily in this order): 

power pop drone rockers, with records on Siltbreeze and Mexican Summer
psychedelic hypno dirge space rock, & maybe they'll do "Crazy Horses"! 


retro-proto-metal garage rock power trio a la Blue Cheer 

heavy, rifftastic punk-metal radness sorta like a scuzzier Melvins
boy-girl dream-drone duo from Oakland with a fantastic debut lp just out on Root Strata 

PLUS a special, secret headliner!!! We can't tell you who they are just yet, but there's a pretty good chance you bought their new album from us... and their shows are usually at places a bit bigger than the DuNord... and they're on the poppier, sunshinier side of things... huge faves here. 

We'll have some birthday cake to share with folks who get to the show early enough (you'll want to anyway, with six bands it's gonna start on time, if not earlier!). Also we'll be doing a drawing for $40 aQuarius gift certificates at the start of the show as well. 

Admission is just $10, advance tickets will be available here at AQ and at the DuNord box office soon. 
We really hope to see you all there (and tell your friends!). Please come out, see some great music, support AQ, and make it a 40th to remember! 

We'll be posting/emailing you again with reminders and updates, it's really soon though so mark your calendars now. 


(And yes, we know, it's been 2010 for a while now... but as you get older, you start forgetting things.) 


Anonymous said...

Hey guys I know you like listening to new, different metal so I thought I should introduce you guys to a band from Dallas, Texas: UNSEEN BEAST. They are insanely heavy at times but mostly just original, every song is a new cool style I LOVE it. They range from Jamaican sounds to dark melodic/epic or just in your face tunes Check it out at listen to Some Kind of Fake and Moraless!!!! Its some REAL metal for ya peace out

David Lawrence said...

sounds like it'll be an awesome show!