Monday, August 16, 2010

New Arrivals #352

New list up, as of Friday night!

Records Of The Week:

CLAIR CASSIS "s/t" (Starlight Temple Society) lp $14.98
The long awaited debut of this post Velvet Cacoon combo, the buzz and blur of VC, jammed into shorter 'pop' songs, with super melodic basslines, transforming black metal buzz into something much more gloomy and melodic and catchy and weirdly fucked up and brilliant! Limited vinyl release (but we WILL be getting a cd version soon too). Oh, and look below for a VC vinyl reissue with bonus material as well!

FABULOUS DIAMONDS "II" (Chapter Music/Siltbreeze) cd/lp $16.98/$15.98
Second full length record from these Aussies, quasi-mystical post-Terry Riley time-lag accumulation and proto-electronica guitar riffs over stripped down slinky percussive grooves and motorik krautrock beats resulting in some seriously hypno-zoner bliss out; vinyl via Siltbreeze, cd on Chapter.

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